Cyprus has some of the most famous shipwrecks around its shores, here are five of the most exciting shipwrecks that no diver should miss!

Cyprus is a popular destination for both experienced divers and those looking to take to the underwater world for the first time. The island’s scorching climate ensures that the crystal-clear waters are always a pleasant temperature and there are many excellent dive schools all across the island. There are many fascinating and varied dive sites around Cyprus, but it is the shipwrecks that are the most intriguing and renowned places to explore, invoking a magical feeling in an almost eerie environment. From the contrast of the sun-kissed beaches, to a mysterious underwater wreck, you feel as if you’ve been transported to another world.  Cyprus has some of the most famous shipwrecks around its shores, here are five of the most exciting shipwrecks that no diver should miss…

  1. Liberty 150 – Famagusta

The Liberty 150 was sunk on purpose, to create an artificial reef. Just 650 meters from the coast, it’s easily accessible, and the waters are perfect for divers. A wealth of sea life has made the liberty 150 its home, resulting in a fascinating location for discovery and underwater photography.

  1. Demetrios – Paphos

The Demetrios is a familiar sight to anyone who has travelled on the road to Coral Bay. The cargo ship ran aground in heavy seas while carrying timber from Greece to Syria in 1998. All 8 crew members were airlifted to safety, but it was later discovered that the captain working with forged competency certificates. It was deemed too great an expense to bring the ship back to shore, so it has remained at the mercy of the sea ever since, whilst becoming a huge attraction to divers. Despite many storms, and even a small earthquake, the Demetrios has remained surprisingly well preserved.

  1. Edro III – Paphos

Just a few miles from the Demtrios is the wreck of the Edro III. This wreck is very close to shore and can easily be seen from the road. Travelling from Limasol to Rhodes in 2011 with a cargo of plasterboard, the ship drifted off course due to strong winds and struck a rock. This caused the crew to lose control of the vessel, which eventually ran aground close to Peyia. It is thought that eventually the ship will be refloated and repaired, but until then, it’s certainly an interesting dive site.

  1. Zenobia – Larnaca

Zenobia has been voted one the world’s top ten wrecks. Taking its maiden voyage from Sweden, the Zenobia began to experience issues and the ship started to take on water. Docking at Piraeus, the water was pumped out and it was thought the problem was fixed. However, it wasn’t, the ship again took on water, and when another inspection took place in Larnaka, it was clear the ship was in big trouble. It leaned over onto its side and eventually sank to 42 meters under the sea.

  1. Ancient Mazotos shipwreck – Larnaca

For those with an interest in ancient history, the Mazotos shipwreck should definitely be at the top of your list of dive sites to visit. Dating back to the 4th century BC, this late class merchant ship was carrying red wine in clay amphorae when it met its demise. These amphorae can still be seen within the wreckage, a true glimpse back in time.

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