Choosing a holiday is such an enjoyable experience. You can let your imagination run wild, picturing idyllic sun-filled days by the pool, walks along the beach, romantic meals at sunset, and of course that wonderful feeling of being so relaxed and not having a care in the world. There are so many choices available to you, where you go, what type of accommodation you stay in, but we think that a luxury villa is the ultimate holiday accommodation that simply can’t be beaten and here are three fantastic reasons why…

1. You have perfect privacy

you have perfect privacy

Perhaps the most important aspect of booking a villa is that it’s truly private. The property is all yours so you have total privacy and seclusion. You can enjoy a leisurely breakfast without having to get dressed in the morning, you can have the swimming pool all to yourself, and there’s certainly not going to be a fight for the best sun lounger as you have the ultimate choice. Each member of the family also has their own privacy with ensuite bathrooms, and plenty of space to do as you please. Whether that’s sunbathing by the pool or just taking in the view with a good book in hand. You’ll have pure, undisturbed peace.

2. The whole property is your home from home

With a villa, you feel truly at home. You can unpack and treat the property as your own for the duration of your stay. Your children can have their own bedrooms and you’ll have a fully fitted kitchen and so you really can suit yourself. If you want to grab a midnight snack you don’t have to get up and dressed and go out of your own private space. You can feed the kids without a major event of getting ready and going out to a restaurant. It’s that convenience of a home that is so important when travelling with children. The whole place is yours so everyone can relax and enjoy all that is on offer. Being entirely self contained, your kids can play safely in the outdoor space and enjoy the pool. A villa is the perfect blend of familiar home comforts, with a high level of luxury and decadence.

3. You’ll get loads of space

you will get loads

Sometimes a hotel room can just feel a little cramped. While you do spend a lot of your time out and about exploring, or sat by the pool, it’s also lovely to spend some time just enjoying your accommodation, taking a breather to relax and unwind. You can easily find yourselves getting on top of each other in a hotel room when you’re getting ready to go out, or if particular members of the family choose to do something different. It’s hard to watch the television in a hotel room if one person wants to get an early night and so on. With a luxury villa, you’ll have so much space, you won’t be tripping over each other, and so this is particularly great for different households holidaying together, if you have teens who desire a little more privacy, or little ones with lots of energy. Having more space also brings more opportunities for fun. You can all relax together on the sofa to enjoy a movie, you could play a board game together, you can dine together around a table or you can have your very own pool party. All these are simple family pleasures that are made easy when you book a luxury villa.

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