The great thing about Cyprus is that it’s a wonderful island to visit all year round. If you’re tied to a particular time of year, no matter which month you take your holiday in Cyprus, you can be sure of pleasant weather and you will definitely not be disappointed. But, if you have the luxury of choosing your time to visit, then the best time for you depends on quite what you’re hoping to do on the island. For instance, if you’re going to be hiking you may want to choose a cooler month, whereas sun worshippers might prefer the hottest summer months for luxuriating by the pool. Here is our guide to just what the weather is likely to do each month of the year…



January is one of the cooler months with temperatures usually around 10°C. It’s great weather for hiking or cycling, and if you love peace and quiet, you’ll find it perfect as there are very few tourists at this time of year.



In February, temperatures are still low at around 13°C. You may also experience some rain. By the end of February the wild flowers are starting to grow and the signs of spring appear.



In March temperatures are at an average of 14°C, but you could well get some nice warm days of around 19°C too. It’s a pleasant month to visit as the tourist crowds have not yet arrived, but you’re likely to still find it warmer and sunnier than back home.



Things start to hot up in April with an average temperature of 17°C and 11 hours of sunshine a day. You’re likely to experience some temperatures in the low 20s during your stay but perhaps also a little rain too.



Many people say that May is their favourite time to visit Cyprus and with temperatures in the mid 20s and 12 hours of sunshine every day, you can certainly see why. It’s hot enough to sunbathe, but not so hot you won’t want to get out and about exploring all that Cyprus has to offer.



If you like to swim in the ocean then you’ll find the water a pleasant 24°C in June and air temperatures range from around 23 – 28°C.



In July, the beaches become popular with tourists as the temperatures soar to between 25 and 30°C. Rain is unlikely to spoil your fun if you visit in July.



With high temperatures of around 30°C, August is the time to visit if you love the heat. The atmosphere buzzes in August as the tourists bring the resorts to life. It’s unlikely to rain but the humidity is high.



September is a lovely month too with temperatures still right up in the high 20s, 12 hours of sunshine daily and very little rain. You’ll also find September less crowded than July and August.



October is still hot during the day, in the high 20s, but at night it can drop to around 16°C. This can actually make it more pleasant when you’re trying to sleep. The sea will also still be warm enough to swim in comfortably.



Temperatures drop to around 18°C in November. It’s not the best time to for a beach holiday, but perfect for exploring the historic sites on the island.



December in Cyprus will be warmer than back home with temperatures of around 16°C and Cyprus is particularly magical at Christmastime so while it’s not scorching beach weather, it’s still a lovely time to visit.


Which month will you choose?

As you can see, there are advantages to visiting Cyprus at any time of year. Which month appeals most to you? Choose your month, then pick your perfect villa at Imagine Villas. Our villas are available all year round to suit you. Visit our website and find your dream Cyprus holiday today!