Over the last year, many of us have been thrust into the world of working from home. With little preparation, we’ve had to adjust quickly and turn our homes into makeshift offices. This has certainly not been without its challenges! We are not all lucky enough to have a dedicated room that we can turn into a home office, so there have been plenty of people having to work full time sat on an uncomfortable dining chair at their kitchen table, or perched on the sofa with a laptop on their knee. Aches and pains have become the ‘norm’ without the luxury of ergonomic office furniture, and then there are all those other niggles that only arise when our homes are doubling up as our workplace. You need to answer the door to the postman, you find you’re fitting housework in around meetings and there’s just no getting away from it all. When the working day finishes, you can’t leave it all behind and go home, because you’re already there.

However, you have probably by now realised that you can actually do your job anywhere. If you can work as well at home as you can in the office, then why stop there? That work has to be done, but you could certainly make your surroundings more pleasant and enjoyable while you’re getting on with your job. Where would your dream WFH location be? Perhaps you’d like to be sitting under a palm tree, in the sunshine, next to a beautiful private pool? That would certainly be motivational and inspiring wouldn’t it? This doesn’t need to be a fantasy though. You could book an Imagine Villa, pack your laptop, and soon be set up in a new, rather more luxurious WFH office. Your working days will be wonderful, and your days off will be out of this world!

Here is just a small selection of the fabulous locations that could be the setting for your next ‘day at the office’…

1. AyiaNapa Sunrise Villa SV9 

Glance up from your work, and you’ll be rewarded with unspoilt panoramic sea views when you’re staying here. Bright and spacious, it’s a delightful environment to work in. You can escape the midday sun in the open plan living area, or sit outside in the shade of the palm trees that surround your private pool. When it’s time to take a break, you’re just a stroll away from the beach. The perfect place to renew your energy and refresh your mind. This accommodation is so spacious, you can bring your whole family and still be able to find a quiet place in which to work.

2. ProtarasRoyal Villa RV5 

You’ll have all the peace and quiet you need to concentrate on your work when you choose this villa, in a tranquil spot, yet still close to all amenities. This luxurious accommodation has everything you may require to ensure you have the perfect stay. After a day of working, it’s just a five minute walk to nearby bars and restaurants, for a well deserved drink and a delicious meal by the sea.

3. Protaras Jason Villa JV4

A dip in the large pool at this villa is as refreshing for the mind as it is for the body, so much more effective than your usual coffee break! Spacious and comfortable, you’ll find Protaras Jason Villa perfect for both work and leisure. Don’t forget to take some time off too, and visit Fig Tree Bay and the Protaras strip, both just metres away.

Make your WFH dreams a reality 

So, if you fancy a change of scenery and wish to transform your WFH environment for a while into a tropical paradise, then visit our website and discover even more amazing