Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, is such a magical destination. Being the largest island in the eastern Mediterranean, there’s a lot of coastline, and this brings with it huge stretches of the most gorgeous golden sand beaches. Visitors come to Cyprus for many reasons; For the hot sunshine that radiates the island for over 300 days of the year; for the beautiful towns with great shops and exquisite dining, and of course, for the many stunning and inviting crystal clear water beaches that Cyprus is home to.

The island is full of breathtaking beaches, so take your time to explore them and find your favourite. From lively party beaches to secluded romantic shores, from wild beaches off the beaten track, to the most family-friendly beaches with shallow waters and plenty of amenities close by.

Here are 7 of the best beaches that are well worth a visit next time you’re in Cyprus

  1. Nissi Beach

nissi beach

Located close to the famous nightlife venues of Ayia Napa, this Blue Flag Beach that stretches for 500m offers nothing but beautiful golden sand, and has plenty going on both day and night. Here you’ll find a variety of water sports, a great selection of bars and restaurants, as well as regular beach parties and live DJ sets.

  1. Fig Tree Bay

Relaxing Fig Tree Bay is perfect for families looking for a safe and peaceful spot to spend the day. The beach gently slopes into the sea making it ideal for the littlest members of the family to paddle in, and you’ll also find all the amenities you need such as loungers, toilets and some great places to eat. This beach also has good disabled access.

  1. Makronissos Beach

Sports lovers will adore Makronissos Beach. Here you’ll find a range of high adrenaline fun activities available. It’s a great place to try something new such as paragliding or water-skiing.

  1. Konnos Bay

Picturesque Konnos Bay is so captivating, it’s the perfect spot to take those holiday snaps. You’ll capture some superb images that will be perfect for sharing with friends and family on social media. It’s a wonderful place to relax as the bay is well protected from the wind, and there’s also a great beach bar, so why not stay a while and enjoy a drink in the sunshine as you soak up those views?

  1. Lara Beach

If you’re enchanted by the natural world, then a trip to Lara Beach is a must. This is the breeding ground for rare green and loggerhead turtles where you can visit the conservation centre and learn more about these fascinating creatures and see them up close. It’s a great experience for all the family. As this is a conservation area you won’t find many amenities here so you’ll need to pack your own essentials.

  1. Latchi Beach

This stretch of coastline has deep waters making it a popular spot for swimming. Usually a quiet location, you’re unlikely to find Latchi Beach crowded. If you’re visiting during the day, it’s well worth staying longer to enjoy the sunsets which are truly stunning when viewed from this special place.


  1. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon

Named after the gorgeous shade of blue of the waters here, you’ll find the sea particularly warm in this area making it great for snorkelling. It’s quite a tricky beach to get to, you’ll need to travel by boat or 4×4 vehicle, but your efforts will be rewarded as you’ll find a true feeling of peace and tranquillity when you visit this isolated beach, away from the more popular tourist spots.

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