On the south-east coast of Cyprus, next to the famous Fig Tree Bay, lies the gorgeous little town of Protaras. This smooth patch of sand located next to the rocky coastline and guarded by one lone, majestic fig tree is one of the main attractions of the small Mediterranean island.

Although Cyprus has one of the liveliest party scenes in Europe, Protaras has a more laid-back atmosphere that revolves around the beach life and relaxed attitude of the locals. And, it’s easy to understand why that is: the gorgeous beaches invite to mindfulness and encourage you to rest your mind and soul and connect with the elements. Of course, you will need the right gear to make the most of this immersive experience.

If this is your first time visiting Protaras, here is a list of the items you need to pack and a little something about the bliss that you’re about to enjoy.

pack and a little something about the bliss


Cyprus has the same climate as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece – the Mediterranean /Subtropical climate. That means that summers can get extremely hot while the winters are mild but rainy and windy. Even so, you will enjoy the bright sun for most days of the year. So, even if you decide to visit Protaras during winter, your bag will not get very heavy, as most days are temperate, and you don’t need more than a light jacket to keep you warm.

As a general rule of thumb pack comfortable clothes that will allow you to take part in different activities. No need for luxurious, rigid, outfits that will make you feel out of place. Pack flowy, soft blouses and dresses, long skirts that will cover you when visiting more conservative tourist areas (churches, mainly), sun hats, sunglasses, and so on. A good idea is to dress as the locals do: get a sarong, kaftan or pashmina for the changing wind and scorching sun.

The nature around Protaras invites you to take long walks and explore the rugged terrain, so it is important to pack different types of shoes for different activities. Try to anticipate your itinerary and prepare accordingly. You can take flip-flops or trendy sandals for your lazy afternoons at the pool, but if you also want to explore the surroundings, then make sure to bring some comfortable shoes that can protect you from the rocky terrain, spiky shrubbery, and hot ground. If you are attending social events or you know that clubbing will be on the list, bring your favorite heels or wedges with you.

Clothing items:

  • Summer dresses
  • Linen or cotton flowy shirts and blouses
  • Comfortable, closed type shoes for long walks
  • Sun hats in bright colors that will reflect the sun
  • Huge, versatile scarfs that you can easily put on or remove if needed
  • Heels or shoes of choice for evening social events
  • Flip-flops for around the pool

flip flops for around the pool


If you are an EU citizentraveling to Protaras is extremely easy, as you don’t need a visa to enter Cyprus. For non-EU residents, check what rules apply for the entry and what documentation you need to bring.

Some other documents you might need include health insurance, banking and finances, and other helpful services.

Documents to have with you:

  • ID card or passport, depending on where you travel from;
  • EHIC card, for EU citizens (European Health International Card)
  • Travel insurance documents and cards;
  • Bank cards, credit cards, together with cash (exchange to euros;)
  • If you are part of international organizations that extend their activities to Cyprus, bring your documents as well (for example, student organizations – bring your ISIC card;)



The main attraction and activity in Protaras are its beaches, and that means a lot of time lying in the sand, trying to get the perfect tan and listening to the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the coastline. If you have a long stay and you are not used to spending a lot of time on your own, bring some media to entertain yourself

Entertainment items:

  • Kindle or other e-book readers because there is no reason to carry the weight of paper books, even if you are a die-hard fan of hard print.
  • Smartphone and phone charger; for bonus points, pack a portable charger that can save you when you’re running out of battery, and you have to take 500 photos of the one-of-a-kind sunset sky.
  • Load your mobile phone with your favorite road trip music if you decide to rent a car and drive around to see the surrounding area.


Sports Equipment

sports equipment

If all this talk about laying around at the beach, waiting for the sun to fry you up on both sides bores you, here is what you can do for fun in Protaras. Watersports lovers choose this destination for the great weather, smooth beaches and impeccable conditions for practicing their preferred sport. You will find instructors and equipment rental shops all around for every water sport you can think of, from jetski to parasailing, kite surfing, and the good old banana boat!

Water sports equipment and accessories:

  • Sports sunglasses fitted with an elastic band;
  • A good quality swimming suit that is comfortable to wear and will not move around when you are very active;
  • Waterproof camera for recording your talents;
  • Wetsuit, in case you visit Protaras during the winter months;
  • Travel insurance that includes health coverage – you never know when you injure yourself trying to break a new record;

Besides clothes, sports gear, and gadgets don’t forget also to pack a bag of essential cosmetics, medication and other miscellaneous you may need in your daily routine. Some must-haves include sunscreen, lip balm, chargers, band-aids, painkillers, wound cleaners, etc. Last, but not least, have an SD card with a big memory, because you will want to photograph every square inch of this gorgeous place once you’re there.


And of course, your perfect accommodation. Check our exclusive villas near Protaras area and choose the perfect place for you. Enjoy!