When you picture a holiday in Cyprus, the first images that come to your mind are probably thoughts of the sea. Relaxing on one of the many beautiful golden sand beaches that Cyprus is famous for. Of course, no visit to Cyprus would be complete without visiting some of these amazing award-winning beaches. They are so stunning, and they are also great if you’re keen on water sports, but with Cyprus, the more you look the more you find. Take time to explore off the beaten track a little and you’ll be rewarded with hidden gems, over and over again. Cyprus is a magical island and it likes to unveil its secrets slowly. That’s why one visit is never enough and so many tourists come back many times, to continue exploring this fascinating country.


Just one more hidden gem of Cyprus

One such gem waiting to be discovered is the Liopetri River. If you’re staying in or near the Ayia Napa area you won’t have far to travel to visit the river. It’s just left of Liopetri village, in the Ammochostos district. The valley created by the river as it flows into the sea is reminiscent of a fjord. It’s regularly used by local fishing boats, so there’s always something to watch as you take a walk along the river bank or stop at one of the quaint taverns offering up the most delicious fish and seafood dishes, so incredibly fresh.


A relaxing place to stay awhile

There’s a peaceful, timeless feel to the Liopetri River, and it’s a photographer’s dream. With colorful fishing boats, and old, abandoned boats dotted about, alongside the lush green vegetation. If you’re looking to take some photos on your trip that are a little different from the usual holiday snaps, then you’ll certainly find the opportunity when you visit the Liopetri River.


Upcoming improvements

There are some plans to make the area even more hospitable, with a new parking area, a park, improvements for the fishing refuge, and better access for cyclists. While these updates are likely to make the area more popular, it’s unlikely to ever become busy and overcrowded, so it’s always a lovely spot to get away from it all.


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