Taking a vacation together is the perfect time to bond as a family and create some magical memories that you can reminisce about in years to come. Family time at home can often be interrupted. We’re all so busy with our own lives, work, school, the household chores all seem to fill up our time and those moments together can be few and far between. When you’re away on a vacation though, you have all the time in the world to have fun together and enjoy each others’ company. Booking a private villa is perfect for a family trip. You’ll have lots of space for the little ones to run around, adults and teens can have their privacy, and there will be some lovely communal area where you can all get together, for a meal, or for a fun time around the pool. Here are some ideas of things to do in your villa, to bring your family closer…


Try something new

Learning a new skill as a family is a wonderful thing to do together. Find something that you know everyone will enjoy. Perhaps a water sport, hiking, or painting the stunning local scenery? Expressing creativity is great for the mind, and learning something new is ideal for boosting the confidence of youngsters.


Just enjoy being around each other

Just enjoy each other

You don’t need to plan every last minute of a tight schedule, taking time out so everyone can do their own thing, while you are all taking it easy in your villa is really beneficial. We all like to unwind in our own way. The kids may want to play games, you may like to read a book by the pool. Don’t feel obligated to make sure everyone is together all the time. Have your own time, finding your own spot in your spacious villa.


Eating together is so bonding

The best time to get together is at mealtimes. Warm evenings are wonderful for dining outdoors, watching the sun go down as you eat and chat and learn more about those closest to you. This is when the conversations become interesting, you’ll learn more about your family, how they feel and what they think. It’s a time for laughter and great food, with everyone staying up late into the evening because there are no commitments the next day. Bliss!


Get active together

Get active together

Exercise is great for the mind and body so why not take time out from chilling out to get some exercise. Have an early morning swim, take to the tennis courts, or head off on a family hike.


Play games as a family

Having fun and playing together is wonderful. Working together as a team, or bringing out the competitive spirit will have everyone happy and laughing. Swimming contests in the pool, a board game around the table, whatever you do, you’ll be having a great family time.


Feel free in the great outdoors

Feel free outdoors

With a private villa, you know your family is safe, young ones can run around your private gardens,  you can take a dip in the pool, you can cook outdoors on your BBQ and simply relax in the sunshine. When you’ve come from a cooler country, it’s so liberating to enjoy an alfresco lifestyle.


Choose the perfect villa for your family

Every family is unique, and we have the perfect villa for every family. Pick out a luxurious Imagine villa that perfectly suits your needs.

Look forward to that wonderful bonding family time you’re going to have soon!

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