Travelling to other countries offers so many wonderful opportunities. The chance to explore amazing new places, meet new people and see some fantastic sights. Every place you visit will have its own history, its own traditions, and customs. When it comes to Cyprus, you’ll soon discover that the island is rich in customs and tradition and never more so than at Christmas time. A visit to Cyprus at this time of year gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in Cypriot culture and the magic that the festive period brings.


One of the biggest Cypriot holidays

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in Cyprus. When you visit Cyprus at Christmas time, you will find that the Cypriots celebrate on December 25th as you’re probably used to doing yourself at home, but also at New Year, which is the traditional day for exchanging festive gifts.


Carols on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the traditional time for carol singing. Children and adults too, will take to the streets and visit homes with a rendition of a traditional Christmas carol. There are local carols such as Calanda and Good Evening, the Magi, along with some more modern classic Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells. The carollers are rewarded with gifts of money or traditional Cypriot festive sweet treats.


A day of feasting on Christmas Day

It is customary to fast for 40 days before Christmas and it is on Christmas Day that the fasting is broken with a wonderful feast. But first, the family will usually attend a church service. It is thought to be good luck to step into the church on Christmas Day with your right foot first. On returning home from church, a bowl of lemon soup is served, then the preparations begin for the big Christmas feast. Expect wonderful dishes of turkey stuffed with rice, raisins and nuts, traditional sweets and biscuits such as kurabie and melomakarono and a wealth of other delights. No one ever goes hungry at Christmas in Cyprus!

NewYearsEve and beyond

To New Year’s Eve and beyond

On New Year’s Eve, Santa visits, but in Cyprus, he is known as Ayios Vasilis. The Christmas celebrations continue right until January 4th.


The best of both worlds

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