There are just so many amazing things to do, and wonderful things to see when you visit Cyprus, deciding quite what to put at the top of your list can be really rather overwhelming. Anyone who has ever been to Cyprus will tell you, one trip is never enough, you’re just left with so many places to go and attractions to visit that you leave already planning your next holiday to this amazing island. So many tourists in Cyprus are repeat visitors, still enjoying all the island has to offer and discovering new delights on every visit. But when you first come to Cyprus, here are our pick of some fantastic things to do that will ensure you have a really diverse and interesting visit…

Take a day cruise


The view of the sea from the shores of Cyprus are only beaten by one thing, the view of Cyprus from out on the sea! You’ll get to enjoy the most stunning scenery when you take a day cruise, appreciating a perspective of the island you simply can’t get from on land. Relax and soak up the views as you leisurely cruise past breathtaking cliffs and golden sand beaches. Sun worshippers can take the opportunity to catch some rays, and your cruise will stop for you to enjoy a swim in the warm sea waters.

Spend time on the beaches

No trip to Cyprus is complete without at least one day on the beach. Which beach should you choose? Well that’s up to you! There really are so many to choose from, we think you should visit a few and then decide which one is your favourite! There’s a beach for everyone, and for every mood. Lively party beaches with music, active beaches with beach and water sports, secluded, tranquil romantic beaches for couples, and safe, gently sloping beaches perfect for families with young children.

Visit the Ayia Napa cactus park

cactus park

For a relaxing, serene stroll with gorgeous views, take a trip to the Ayia Napa cactus park. Home to many species of cactus and dried plants, it’s an interesting site with winding paths that offer some unspoilt panoramic vistas. There’s also a bridge from the cactus park over to the neighbouring sculpture park which is in itself well worth a visit.

Take a walk around Cape Greko

For a longer walk, with some more amazing views, you should certainly give the Cape Greko coastal walk a try. The 10km route links Konnos beach at the north of the Cape Greko park, with Glyky Nero beach in Ayia Napa. You pass many sites of interest, and so it’s a great idea to take a guided tour, so you can learn more about the history of the island as you progress along your route. It’s fascinating for all ages, and a great way to make your holiday at least a little educational for the younger members of the family.

Visit theLarnacasalt lake 

salt lake

There is something rather magical about the Larnaca salt lake. It’s a great place to take some photos, with a backdrop of mountains topped by a monastery. It is possible to walk around the entire lake but it will take several hours, however, for the views, it’s certainly worth it and a visit at sunset is out of this world. In the winter months, bright pink flamingos flock to the lake to eat the brine shrimps, and that really is a sight to behold.

Explore the Cyprus Museum 

Cyprus has a rich and varied history, and as such there have been many archaeological excavations on the island. This has brought to light a huge array of historical artefacts that are now preserved for all to see, in the Cyprus Museum. The exhibits are displayed in chronological order, so you can take a virtual tour through history and see the fascinating collection of coins, sculptures, jewellery, pottery and more.

Find the perfect base for exploring Cyprus  

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