Protaras and Ayia Napa are famous for their stunning beaches. It is these beaches that keep tourists coming back again and again, to enjoy the water, the views and the sunshine. The beaches are so beautiful and so it’s very important to keep them that way.


We can all help keep our beaches spotless

we can all help keep our beaches spotless

No one wants to visit a dirty beach with unclean water and so we must all do our bit to ensure that we respect our beaches and keep them pristine for everyone to enjoy, now and for generations to come.


What can you do to help?

There are plenty of ways in which you can help keep our beaches clean and none of them will take much effort or distract from your wonderful holiday. Read on to discover our 5 Top Tips for protecting and respecting these gorgeous beaches


1. Leave nothing but your footprints

When you leave the beach, make sure you take everything with you, and that includes your rubbish. It can be tempting to just throw everything in the nearest rubbish bin, but recycling is really important too. There are plenty of recycling zones in the area, find your nearest and make sure you pass it on your walk back from the beach. Make it a fun activity for the kids, they do tend to enjoy posting their cans and bottles into the recycling bins!


2. Pick the right sun cream

Of course, you need sun cream when you’re visiting a place as sunny as Cyprus, but did you know that many sun creams are actually bad for the environment, causing harm to marine life when it gets in the water? Find an organic sun cream that’s safe for the environment and you’re really helping to not only keep your skin safe, but the ocean as well.


3. Choose better packaging

Try to avoid taking food and drink to the beach that has a lot of packaging. A fabric tote bag is much better than a plastic bag, and take drinks in reusable bottles rather than throw-away cans. Instead of buying pre-packaged food, make your own picnic at your villa and carry it in a reusable container. This is better for the environment, and it will save you money too!


4. Keep safe on the water

keep safe on the water

The calm waters here are just perfect for taking a boat trip or enjoying the wide variety of water sports available, but please do so responsibly. When you’re taking a pleasure cruise, look for eco-friendly operators and respect the marine life. Never throw your rubbish overboard. Mankind has been using the sea as a huge rubbish bin for far too long and we’re now paying the price with harm to our sea life and huge amount of litter washing up on our beaches.


5. Encourage others to protect our beaches

No one person can keep our beaches beautiful, but together we can do this. Spread the word and encourage others to also play their part in ensuring our ocean and beaches remain as stunning and clean as they are now. Teaching your children to look after the environment is a valuable lesson and one that will stay with them for life.


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