Cyprus is beautiful in summer, everyone knows that, but did you know that Cyprus, and particularly Protaras, is perhaps even more stunning in the autumn? When you visit Cyprus, of course you’ll want to capture the memories in photographs, to look back on when you return home, or share with friends and family on social media. Protaras is so beautiful, it’s pretty easy to take some amazing photos, but to make your images even more breathtaking, follow these five easy tips for improving your photographic skills…


Take advantage of reflections

take advantage of reflections

Cyrus is famous for the most amazing sunsets, so taking time to watch the sun go down and take some photos is well worth it, however, why photograph one sunset when you can have two in your images? Of course we’re talking about reflections! Find a spot with a clear view of the ocean to photograph the sunset and you’ll be well rewarded with the most wonderful reflections on the clear water.


Make the most of the light

The sunshine in Cyprus gives you lots of opportunities to use the natural light to your advantage in your photography. Look out for dramatic shadows early in the morning and just before sunset. The light changes often in Cyprus, so be sure to take photos of the same places at different times of day.


Add context with people

add context with people

We often take two types of photos on our holidays. Beautiful scenic shots, and photos of ourselves and our family. But when you combine the two, you can create some fabulous photographs that will have meaning and preserve those holiday memories. So next time you see the perfect view, why not add a person in to the image? A beach looks relaxing, but if there’s someone sunbathing in the shot, it will add to that feeling. Have someone admiring the view you’re photographing, or the kids having fun on the beach as the sun starts to set.


View things from a different perspective

When you spot something you want to photograph, it can be tempting to grab your camera and snap away, but do take time to look at things from different angles. Look up and take images of stunning architecture. Get close to the ground for some interesting shots, or get up high and take some panoramic photographs of the views below.


Capture action shots

capture action shots

You’ll have no problem getting some great photos of peaceful tranquil scenes, but adding some action into your images can also bring some great results. Use sports mode to snap someone diving into a pool, use long exposure times to create some amazing images of fountains or fairground rides.


Book your perfect photography break

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