Spending time at the beach is certainly a great activity. Whether you’re being active and enjoying water sports, or simply relaxing and soaking up the sun’s rays, the beach is a wonderful place, and when you’re in Cyprus, you’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing beaches to visit. So many of us choose to visit the beach, why not book your next villa holiday with easy access to the beach in mind? Wouldn’t sea views from your balcony or terrace be divine? Spending time at the beach, close to the sea, brings with it a wealth of benefits…

Stress levels are reduced

Being close to the beach is certainly a great stress buster. Gazing out at the sea, at that infinite view, makes all those worries fade away. Many of us live hectic lives, being constantly busy, and always rushing around. Slowing down the pace, taking time to soak up that beautiful scenery, and truly relaxing, works wonders for both body and mind. The beach is the perfect location to unwind and let go of our stress. It leaves us refreshed, ready to return to our busy lives with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.


There are so many opportunities to improve your physical health

Of course, relaxing in the sunshine is wonderful, but there are also so many ways to keep fit on the beach, particularly in Cyprus! You’ll find so many great water sports available. Why not try something new? You could go parasailing, try your hand at surfing or ride a jet ski. There are some world-class dive schools in Cyprus too, so if you’re new to diving, it’s the ideal place to learn. Or, if you prefer to stick to the beach, then there are plenty of great jogging routes, yoga classes, and beach volleyball games to join in with.

You’ll sleep better

If you’re lucky enough to be staying close enough to the beach to be able to hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, you’re sure to get an amazing night’s sleep. The sound of the sea is just so soothing. A good night’s sleep is so beneficial. Even if you’re not within earshot of the sea, spending time at the beach and listening to the waves in the evening will put your mind in a good place for a restful night’s sleep when you return to your accommodation.

It’s excellent for your skin

Spending time at the beach, and taking a dip in the sea is also great for your skin. Saltwater is packed full of minerals that help to keep your skin moisturised and increase its elasticity. Salt and sand are also both great exfoliators, so you’ll step off the beach with softer smoother skin.

It boosts your creativity

Being close to the sea is so inspirational. Taking time out to relax can truly get the creativity flowing. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a book or a poem, or maybe you love to draw or paint. The beach is certainly the perfect place to take time out and unleash your creativity.

Book your next break to take advantage of the benefits of the sea

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