Planning a trip to Cyprus in April? Lucky you! While of course, Cyprus is a year-round destination, April is certainly a great time to visit. You’ll have amazing weather, it’s likely to be beautifully warm but not overpoweringly hot, and you’re just getting in ahead of the main tourist season, so you’ll find all the attractions less crowded than in the height of the season. You’ll be able to pick your perfect spot on the beach and enjoy the hiking trails to the fullest. A visit in April brings many opportunities for getting out and about. Step off the beaten track and discover Cyprus beyond the beach resorts.

If you’re looking for some great activities in Cyprus this April, here are 3 brilliant ways to spend your time, perfect for families, couples, or groups…

Visit Cape Greco

The expansive Cape Greco national park has so much to offer. Nature lovers will be thrilled to discover a plethora of native wildlife and flora along the many hiking trails. There are surprises and hidden gems wherever you turn. The magical natural bridge of Kamara tou Koraka, the pretty white-washed chapel of Ayii Anargyri that sits atop the cliffs with the most amazing sea views, and the intriguing sea caves, once used by smugglers. These are just some of the treasures that await you. A visit to Cape Greco is a true adventure! With several well-marked trails for all abilities, you can plan your day to suit your own time constraints and the abilities of your group.

Have a picnic

With such a wonderful climate and gorgeous scenery, it will come as no surprise that there are many picnic spots all over the island. You’ll find that most of the designated picnic areas are free for you to use and enjoy a leisurely picnic meal. What’s great about many of the picnic areas in Cyprus is that they also have amenities close by. You’re likely to find toilets, rubbish bins, and children’s play areas close by making picnicking super convenient.  You’ll find plenty of delicious local delicacies available in the shops all over Cyprus, so why not try some Cypriot specialities on your next picnic?

Go cycling

There’s so much to see in Cyprus and when you’re only visiting for a week or two, it can be hard getting to see as much of the island as you would like to. When you walk, you’re limited in how far you can travel, and by car, you whizz by at such a speed you can’t take in all that stunning scenery. Cycling is the ultimate way to explore Cyprus. The April weather is just perfect for cyclists, the countryside is lush and beautiful, and you’ll find the road network is well geared up for safe, fun cycling.

Find a beautiful base for your April adventures

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