Many people say that the sunsets in Cyprus are some of the best you’ll ever see.

When you’re visiting the island, it’s the perfect end to every wonderful day. Spend the day exploring, discovering the well-preserved history of the island, hiking, or indulging in a little retail therapy, then find a spot to stop, relax, unwind and watch the magical show of reds, oranges and gold that is the Cyprus sunset. Here are three of the top places in Ayia Napa that will give you the most awe-inspiring sunset views…

Cape Greco

The Cape Greco National Park is a haven for nature lovers, with some fantastic hiking trails offering spectacular panoramic sea views from the top of the cliffs. A great destination to visit during the day, that turns into a romantic paradise as evening begins to fall and the sun sets. Head to Lover’s Bridge for the most amazing and romantic views. This natural wonder is photogenic during the day, bringing loving couples and newly weds for a photo opportunity like no other, but with the sunset as a backdrop, is really out of this world.

Konnos Bay 

Konnos Bay is a sheltered and secluded beach with no waves and a gently sloping beach making it ideal for families. Popular with locals and tourists alike, you can enjoy a full day at the beach, relaxing on the golden sand or taking part in the variety of water sports that are available there. You’ll find all the amenities you need on hand, so when the sunset you can take to the beach with a picnic, or choose one of the seafront restaurants to dine in while enjoying the view of the sunset.

Nissi Beach

nissi beach

If you’ve ever dreamed about dancing into the night as the sun sets, head to Nissi beach and you can do just that. With regular DJ performances and beach parties, you can spend the evening having the time of your life, making memories with the sunset behind you as day turns into night. Nissi beach manages to perfectly blend natural beauty with a lively party atmosphere, with some great beach bars should you wish to rest a moment and take in that stunning view, soaking up the moment that will be forever ingrained in your memory.

Or perhaps you’d enjoy the sunset most from your own balcony? 

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