Cyprus is famous for the most beautiful sunsets. There’s something just so magical and romantic watching the sky alight with colours. Orange, pink and purple, as the clouds sweep by at the end of a glorious day. The sunset in Cyprus is stunning, no matter where you watch it from, the beach, the sea front or from the veranda of your villa, but if you want to make a real occasion of it, here are some perfect places to go…


The Akamas Peninsula

One of the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset is the unobstructed view of the ocean that you can enjoy from the Akamas Peninsula. Here you’ll be on the west side of the island which many believe offers the very best sunsets in the whole of Cyprus.


Aphrodite’s Rock


If you’re looking for a romantic spot to watch the sunset with your loved one, then Aphrodites Rock is just perfect. It’s a popular spot, but most of the tourists will drift off in the late afternoon leaving you and your beloved alone to enjoy the view and each other’s company.


The Curium archaeological site

If your holiday villa is in the Limassol district, then a great place to go to watch the sunset is the dramatic ruins of the Curium amphitheatre. With the ancient structures in front of the setting sun, you’ve got a wonderful opportunity for some truly fabulous photography. This timeless spot transports you away in time giving you an amazing and awe inspiring experience.


Cape Greco National Park


There are some fantastic trails to walk in the Cape Greco National Park. You can spend the whole day there, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to return to your villa, stay to watch the sunset and you’ll be rewarded with the most stunning panoramic views.

Enaerios Pier

Another great choice is to watch the sunset from water while walking along the Enaerios Pier at Limassol. This peaceful spot is so close to the lively nightlife of Limassol, yet you feel aside from all that. It’s a very romantic spot that has become popular as a wedding venue.


Peyia sea caves

Sometimes it’s nice to be secluded to enjoy a sunset, so if you fancy a little solitude, head to the Peyia sea caves for stunning views, peace and tranquillity.


Troodos Peaks

Watching a sunset from on high is really special, and Troodos Peaks is one of the highest spots on the island. It’s well worth the journey to visit this tranquil spot and take in a wonderful sunset. With views of the treetops and mountains, it truly is a fantastic location for a quiet moment of reflection.


Larnaca Salt Lake


For a different experience, head down to Larnaca salt lake just before sunset. As you watch the setting sun, the salt deposits sparkle and reflect the beautiful colours of the sunset. If it wasn’t for the high temperatures you could almost imagine you were looking at a snow covered lakeside.


Paphos Medieval Castle


When the sun sets over the ancient castle at Paphos, it really is a sight to behold. The castle is magnificent at any time of day, but there’s something rather magical about it at sunset. The area is close to bars and restaurants too, so you can enjoy a drink or meal while you watch the beautiful display in the sky.


The Pyrgos Tyllirias Coastline

Take a trip out to the north west coast of Cyprus and feel all the stresses and strains of everyday life just slip away. Find a spot on the beach and take it easy, no worries, no rush, just enjoy the sunset.


Experience a world of sunsets with a magical villa holiday

With so many amazing spots from which to watch the sunset over Cyprus, you can visit a different one each day when you book a villa holiday. Some evenings can be spent around your private pool, watching the sun go down, but do take the opportunity to step out and visit one of our recommended spots. If you’d like more information about luxury villas in Cyprus, get in touch or visit our website.