Sea Caves & Palaces

Apart from its endless sandy beaches, Ayia Napa also features secluded coves which are perfect for snorkeling and diving. Located just to the east of the resort area and easily accessible by car or bike, the Ayia Napa Sea caves are a natural attraction, created over millions of years by constant wave action and erosion of the Cyprus coastline. Only 3 kms away from the resort, they are a continuation of the rocky shore, starting from the end of the Harbour beach but more pronounced, resulting in a beautiful creation of cliffs, rock formations and caves. Every day, many visitors spend time here admiring the power of the Mediterranean Sea.

Another intriguing landmark of the area is known as the Palaces. Situated between Kermia Beach and Cape Greco, the Palaces are actually an original rock formation which, over the time, has been incredibly sculpted by the waves of the sea.

A spectacular sight where swimmers dive off the rocks into the crystal clear waters, the Palaces can be viewed from above along the coastline and reached by boat.

The sea caves are also a popular sight for wedding photographs offering a magnificent backdrop view.  Unique and impressive, visiting the sea caves and palaces is a memorable way of spending at least a few hours whilst on holiday.